Welcome to Of Sherwood Industries (AKA the cool spy-like acronym O.S.I.). There is a new t-shirt design for sale, the now infamous San Jos A's Shirt, and we have two more A's themed ditties on the way!
MARCH 13, 2012
NEW SHIRT FOR SALE!!! Athletics Never Say Die!
Happy 2013 MLB Season!

DECEMBER 4, 2012
Hey Kids. I've been working on cost/profit analysis of this year's shirt "Season", and decided to make an infographic recap of the crazy first year of OSI. Pretty neat stuff for a one man operation! And I owe it all to the support of the Amazing A's fans, from all over the country!

Of Sherwood Industries: A Year in Review

OCTOBER 18, 2012
Alright! I finally get to post some of the work from my time as a designer at Five33 Entertainment in LA. One of the films I worked on extensively was Tim Burton's Frankenweenie for Disney Pictures. The first video is a quick commerical for Wonderful Pistachios. I didn't do the video, but I was a major part of developing the Marketing pitch and presentation materials for this promotions concept. Apparently they liked our ideas.

The next video is a walk-through of "The Art of Frankenweenie". I was part of the team that developed the theme, installation models, and the concepts that became a global touring exhibit.

It's truly amazing to see our design team's hard work come to life...
OCTOBER 7, 2012
Check out some fans doing the "Bernie Lean" in some Fresh OSI shirts! What an awesome video...makes me feel pretty great... We've been making them for about a month and sold over 60! These guys love it, we love it! GO A's!

AUGUST 16, 2012
To continue my hot streak of presentation design, I present the beginning parts of a deck I plan to submit to Bud Selig. Maybe... Let's go San Jo!
A Bay Divided - The Oakland A's in San Jose from ofsherwood
AUGUST 14, 2012
I decided to play devil's advocate to the Bay Area sports columnists who claim the A's current ownership is alienating fans and leading to low attendance. Then I decided to compare a few other stats related to A's wins, attendance, and more. Check it out!
Oakland A's Infographics from ofsherwood
MAY 15, 2012
Alright. As promised... the next shirt! The Dread the Locks shirt! This was one of our first brilliant shirt ideas (along with the San Jos A's shirt), and now it joins the powerhouse lineup. I spent all day screening these bad boys, and they are glorious. Go Jemile Weeks. Go A's. Go Dreads.
Order yours today! Dread The Locks t-shirt

Who fears beards anyhow?
MAY 6, 2012
We of Sherwood bring you YOENIS CESPEDES shirts! Is he your hombre, too?
Order yours today! Yoenis es mi Hombre t-shirt

We A's fans welcome the Cuban phenom Yoenis Cespedes to Oakland, and look forward to some great play from our new hombre.
MAY 4, 2012
Making screens! Two new shirts coming soon! Dread the Locks screen

APR. 19, 2012
When a good friend is in a tizzy over some less than perfect creative deliverables (agency speak, sorry) from her design team, what do you do? Tackle that mission like an O.S.I. agent should! 4 flyers for 1 'umbrella' event made up of 4 sub-events. That writes as confusingly as it sounds. Basically, she needed 4 different flyers. The logic issues were mine to solve. Check it.

"Yelp's a Zoo" (links & images go offsite. Portfolio has bigger examples)
Yelp's a Zoo
Yelp's a Zoo Safari Party Yelp's a Zoo Under the Sea Yelp's a Zoo In The Jungle Yelp's a Zoo Magical Forest

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