Of Sherwood Industries is a for-profit proprietorship founded, like all great things, in a musty old garage. Welding up crushed Datsun 510 fenders turned into welding up benches for Mom’s birthday. A table saw and a belt sander later, and the whole thing manifested itself out here in the west like some sort of molten destiny.

OSI specializes in anything showcased on this here website, and heck, whatever dreamers dream up that can be made with metal and wood. We primarily pair welded steel and reclaimed wood, barn wood, natural edge slab, and hardwood flooring to create simple and elegant up-cycled furniture and decor.

Skills & Other Ventures

Welded furniture craft is but one of many hats worn here at the OSI. We Of Sherwood also specialize in working with small businesses, musicians, and artists with Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Logos, Identity, Branding, Promotional Materials, and more.

Graphic Design
Graphic and presentation design projects keep OSI in business. Hey, what can I say? It's a living.

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Web Design
HTML. CSS. WordPress. Responsive. Mobile-friendly. Buzzwords? Nay, skills.

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When everyone has a camera in their pocket, it's best to practice safe shutterbuggery.

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Screen Printing
Screens and ink and threads and wit. And a love for the Oakland A's.

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Drop Us a Line

We appreciate hearing from customers, fans, friends, long lost relatives, Nigerian princes, and sweepstakes (especially Bourbon ones).

If you like a piece you see on the site that isn’t currently for sale, email us, we can probably make another one. If you don’t have anything nice to say, feel free to say it here – responses not guaranteed. Social media is generally ignored (links in the footer); emails are not.

Of Sherwood Industries has no storefront, but we may be found peddling wares at flea, farmer’s, craft, or other outdoor markets. Lastly, if we ever have our goods in any showrooms, said showrooms will be noted on the site.